Protecting Your Interest In Family Law Matters

Some Of Our Faves

An Attorney Who “Gets It”!

Ms. Ditchen-Oakley listened to what I had to say at a very difficult time in my life. She handled things professionally, and we ended up not even having to go to court. I would recommend her to anyone who wants an attorney who will work to make the process go smoother and who looks out for the best interest of the client.

Awesome Experience

I was dealing with a tough divorce, and Ms. Ditchen-Oakley handled my case with such compassion and diligence! I don’t know that the transition would have been as seamless as it was if I did not have this attorney on my side! I would highly recommend this attorney and the firm of Ditchen & Associates Law Firm if you find yourself in need of a family law attorney!

Dad’s Rights

Meredith and her law firm have worked a miracle in mine and my kids life. My Divorce ended up in a custody battle and I knew going in, that Dad’s have a tough time with this. My ex-wife had a big expensive Atlanta law firm and I was worried for my children. Meredith was able to show the judge what was really the situation that would benefit our children and help their emotional and psychological growth. She won me custody of my children and ended our court battle as quickly as anyone could have. And at a fraction of the cost that my ex-wife invested, plus I won attorneys fees as well! Thank you!! I will and HAVE recommended Meredith and her firm to anyone caught in this painful position. Thank you SO very much! God bless!

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Responsible And Caring

I have hired Meredith to represent me multiple times over the past 13 years in business matters, estate planning and family law. She is very knowledgeable, professional, realistic and fair and actually listens to her clients needs. She is easily reachable and does not just run up your bill. I will always return to her and have referred her numerous times over the years and will continue to do so. She is not the typical attorney. She actually really cares about her clients.

Reasonable Representation

Actually returns calls, kept me informed and handled difficult attorney on the other side. Got me divorced FINALLY when my previous attorney couldn’t seem to finish the job. Reasonable billing, does not bill for every little second.