Protecting Your Interest In Family Law Matters

Divorce Is Difficult, But I Am Here To Guide You

Regardless of the circumstances, divorce is always a trying time. It brings up emotions of all kinds. It can be a challenge to make smart and practical decisions during the legal process. As your attorney, my job is to sort through the chaos and find solutions that bring you peace.

My name is Meredith Ditchen-Oakley, and I have been a family law attorney and mediator for over 20 years. My career is built on careful, compassionate service and strong advocacy for my clients. I am proud to offer you experienced guidance and wisdom when your family is in need. Call me at my office in Woodstock: 770-517-0008.

Building A Future You Can Be Excited About

Divorce and family law matters are complex. Whenever you have a decision to make, I will strive to give you a full context of the situation to empower you to make decisions that put the focus on your future. This includes processes like:

  • Determining how to manage large, shared assets like a home or business
  • Establishing fair and comprehensive alimony agreements
  • Creating cohesive and reliable co-parenting agreements, including custody and support

Whenever possible, I help answer questions and guide the situation to avoid unnecessary courtroom conflicts or other tense situations, opting instead for negotiations that preserve your privacy, your control and your best interests. In many cases, I only need one mediation session to resolve a divorce.

Know What To Expect From The Very Beginning

At Meredith W. Ditchen-Oakley, P.C., I believe trust is the foundation for a positive family law experience. I work to reduce uncertainty, beginning by offering bundled and flat-fee services. Your new future begins today. Email my office and set up an initial phone consultation.