Protecting Your Interest In Family Law Matters

A Cooperative Approach To Dispute Resolution

People going through a divorce or child custody dispute often do so with anger. Though understandable, this can lead to more harm for both parties. Mediation can help you find a better way. Rather than focusing on anger, I use techniques such as mediation and collaborative law to reach agreement on issues such as child custody, visitation and marital property division so you can build a new life absent of stress and conflict.

As your mediator, I help both parties come to a collaborative solution that helps resolve logistical and legal issues without succumbing to lengthy and often rash litigation. Contact me, attorney Meredith W. Ditchen-Oakley, at my office by calling 770-517-0008.

Is Mediation The Right Path For You?

Litigating issues in court is, by nature, an adversarial process, especially when your family’s legal future is at stake. It can get in the way of finding a solution because both sides can dig into their positions and increase the contentious atmosphere very quickly. Mediation of your divorce issues or co-parenting disputes can help you find a compromise that meets your needs and helps you move on to a better tomorrow. Mediation has many benefits, including:

  • Giving flexibility to the legal process and better accommodating for both parties’ needs
  • Ensuring both parties feel heard throughout the process
  • Personalizing legal solutions and preventing arbitrary resolutions common in the court
  • Resolving conflict more quickly and often with a smaller financial burden

Mediation also provides a model of how you can either prevent or help resolve conflict in the future. The conflict resolution tool is an invaluable benefit to those who embrace it. Through mediation, I can show you a better path to resolve conflict.

Also see our Frequently Asked Questions page to help you prepare for family law mediation.

Meredith W. Ditchen-Oakley, P.C. Offers Extensive Mediation Services

Many of my clients will never go to court because I offer complete dispute resolution services. Instead, you can access considerate legal solutions that help build better relationships. Email my office to schedule a time to talk.