Protecting Your Interest In Family Law Matters

Creating A Positive Environment During Family Law Conflict

Even under the best circumstances, family law is stressful. You may feel unsure or overwhelmed. Divorce, chid custody disputes and even adoption proceedings can be prolonged and emotionally draining. At Meredith W. Ditchen-Oakley, P.C., I understand how your family’s future is affected by the law. I want to help you resolve your legal issues peacefully and in a way that maintains your sense of control.

Are you filing for divorce? Are you concerned about creating a healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex? Let me help. I am attorney Meredith W. Ditchen-Oakley. I find positive, holistic solutions for Georgia families in legal crisis. Reach me at 770-517-0008.

Experienced With The Law. Patient With Your Family.

I provide a full range of family law assistance so that you can access reliable services from someone who understands your family. I regularly help families and individuals with legal issues such as:

  • Reestablishing your future by filing for divorce or legal separation
  • Creating a stable and loving environment for your children through custody and visitation plans
  • Managing alimony payments and dividing your shared property
  • Ensuring financial stability for your children’s needs through appropriate support
  • Helping care for the elderly and vulnerable members of your family through guardianship arrangements
  • Establishing parental responsibilities through proof of paternity and finalized adoption procedures

See my page on Frequently Asked Questions about divorce and family law.

Family law issues are intimate. You should be working with an attorney you can trust to fully understand your needs and prioritize them throughout the legal process. My negotiation and mediation skills put me in a unique position to help you.

Contacting My Office Is Simple

You can schedule a time to come talk to me about your family and your future easily. Just call my office at 770-517-0008 or complete my online contact form. I am ready to help you build a brighter tomorrow.