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About Meredith W. Ditchen-Oakley, P.C.

I established Ditchen & Associates Law Firm in 2001 to provide an alternative to the stress and uncertainty of legal issues involving families. I believe in whole life solutions to matters such as divorce, child custody and support. I am dedicated to helping you move beyond your legal concerns to a brighter tomorrow.

I am Meredith Ditchen-Oakley, a family law attorney and mediator with more than 20 years of experience. We are a small, client focused firm. When you retain the services of Ditchen & Associates Law Firm, our attorneys will be by your side, from initial consultation until your case’s conclusion. Meredith works to bring your case to a satisfactory resolution. My law office is in Woodstock, Georgia, and I handle cases throughout the northwest Atlanta metropolitan area.

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I understand that legal needs involving your family affect you emotionally and financially and often have a long-lasting impact. Customer service is an oft-forgotten art which I and my office staff practice.  We return telephone calls promptly, and we understand that legal issues don’t always happen during business hours. We are ready to assist you when life happens.

We are responsive to our clients’ needs. In transactional matters, we are courteous and timely. In disputed matters, we will search for an early resolution through alternate dispute resolution methods to reduce the stress, cost and uncertainty of litigation.

When an early resolution is not possible, we put our experience to work for you with a dedicated team of attorneys and legal assistants who collaborate for the best possible outcome in your case. No matter which path your case follows, we have the tools to help see you through to a resolution that will help you move on to a brighter future.

In our role as counselor and advocate, we will help you evaluate the impact of legal decisions in your case and help you choose the path that fits your goals and plans.

In the arena of legal transactions or disputes, individuals often feel overwhelmed and fearful of the uncertainty that may lie ahead. Our goal is to help our clients carefully and thoughtfully navigate the uncertainties and provide individual attention and care.

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